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Is Your Employer Benching You and Offering Fake Paystubs? Don’t Take Them! There Are Other (Lawful) Options

We see the same cycle with some H-1B employers: (1) they bench an H-1B worker without pay; (2) the worker understandably wants to transfer to a new employer who pays him; and (3) the benching employer offers the worker fake paystubs, to “help” the worker transfer. If YOU find yourself in this situation, do NOT […]

Benched or Underpaid H-1B Wages? The Importance of Acting Promptly

Image via Wikipedia If you’re an H-1B worker who has been benched or otherwise underpaid wages, and you’re interested in trying to address your problems, you should consider acting promptly.  Promptly educate yourself about the legal options you have, and promptly take action.  If you take take the right actions at the wrong time (i.e. […]

H-1B Fraud Detection Site Visits in Full Swing. What Should You Expect?

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has launched a new program in which it is making unannounced site visits throughout the United States to monitor and detect fraud among H-1B employers and their H-1B employees. In this article we explain what happens during these site visits and your rights and obligations under the law […]

Hunting Down H-1B Fraud: First-Hand Account of a USCIS Worksite Inspection

As part of its stepped up effort to target employers who violate immigration laws, USCIS is conducting more worksite inspections, including those of H-1B employers. As part of their investigation, the inspector interviews both the employer and the H-1B employee. A member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association has written an account of one of […]