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Wage Issues? Tip #9: Don’t Drop the A- (Attorney-) Bomb

This post continues my series of tips, or things to consider, for workers with unpaid wages.Tip #9 is this: Don’t Drop the A- (Attorney-) Bomb—that is, don’t tell the employer you have an attorney unless you really have an attorney and that attorney tells you to tell the employer you have an attorney. Okay, that […]

Wage Issues? Tip #2: Know that Statutes of Limitations (Deadlines) Apply, and Are of Pressing Importance

Image via Wikipedia This post continues my series of tips, or things to consider, for workers with unpaid wages.Tip #2 is this: Know that statutes of limitations (deadlines) apply, and are of pressing importance. Every situation that involves unpaid wages also involves a ticking clock.  That is, there are statutes of limitations, i.e. deadlines, that […]

Handy Government Guide to Employee Rights; Download and Keep It With You

In an effort to combat human trafficking and abusive employment practices, the U.S. government has published a helpful pamphlet on employee rights for foreign workers. The pamphlet explains the rights of all foreign workers employed in the United States, addressing such topics as work site conditions, deceptive employer practices, women’s rights in the work place, […]

H-1B Employee Tip: What To Do When Your Employer Refuses To Give You Your H-1B Documents

Question: I have no immigration and/or employment documents because my employer refuses to give them to me. What can I do? This question is typical among H1-B employees. Some H-1B employers withhold key documents such as the Labor Certification Application (LCA) and other H-1B related documentation, even the H-1B approval notice.  Sometimes, employers do so […]

Report Shows H-1B Program Fraught with Fraud; What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

Not surprisingly, a recent USCIS report confirms thousands of H-1B employees are being underpaid, benched, or performing menial tasks instead of the high-skilled work were promised. If you are one of those employees, you should know, however, that you do not have to simply accept this treatment and hope a better job comes along. You have […]