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Do You Need a Local Attorney for Your Unpaid H-1B Wage Matter?

First, a disclaimer: as attorneys, we are pleased to get inquiries from H-B workers/potential clients whether they are local to our geographical areas or not.  So it’s fair you take our self-interest into account as you read this article. This article discusses the fact that benched H-1B workers often do not retain an attorney to help […]

Wage Issues? Tip #2: Know that Statutes of Limitations (Deadlines) Apply, and Are of Pressing Importance

Image via Wikipedia This post continues my series of tips, or things to consider, for workers with unpaid wages.Tip #2 is this: Know that statutes of limitations (deadlines) apply, and are of pressing importance. Every situation that involves unpaid wages also involves a ticking clock.  That is, there are statutes of limitations, i.e. deadlines, that […]