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Is Your H-1B Employer Threatening or Harassing You Because You Complained? Consider These Things.

Image by 96dpi via Flickr If you complained to your H-1B employer because they committed wrongs– such as making you pay H-1B filing fees and benching you without pay– you may find the employer has compounded the problem by threatening or harassing you because of your complaint. The law prohibits an employer from retaliating against […]

Want to Post to a Message Board About an H-1B Employer? Think Twice, and Count to Ten

If you are thinking about all your problems with your H-1B employer, and want to tell the world- or, tell Facebook, listservs, and/or Desi message boards- you should think twice and count to ten before posting. It is understandable to feel highly frustrated by an H-1B employer who has benched you, underpaid your wages, unlawfully […]