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FAQ: I’ve Been Benched and Have No Pay Stubs. Can I Change My H-1B Visa?

Image by mirsasha via Flickr Question 1: I’m an H-1B employee and I have benched without pay, but I have found a new employer. I have no pay stubs. Can I “transfer” without leaving the U.S.? Question 2: I’m an H-1B employee and I was benched without pay, but when I complained, my employer fired […]

Off-Site Work Off Limits to H-1Bs? New Guidance Explains H-1B Job Criteria

Image by john_a_ward via Flickr If you are an H-1B worker in search of new work, especially in the IT sector, you must scrutinize the relationship with your prospective H-1B employer to make sure the proposed employment relationship is acceptable under USCIS criteria.If you don’t compare the proposed employment conditions with USCIS requirements, you risk […]