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H-2A AEWR and Meal Rates To Increase March 15

Effective March 15, 2010 the Adverse Effect Wage Rates (AEWR) and meal charges will increase. The employer must offer and pay their H–2A and U.S. workers the highest of the AEWR, the prevailing hourly wage rate, the prevailing piece rate, the agreed-upon collective bargaining rate, or the Federal or State minimum wage rate, in effect […]

H-2 Employee Rights: H-2A Agricultural Workers

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr H-2 workers, like H-1Bs, are far too often subject to an employer’s exploitation. An H-2 employer may unlawfully make H-2 workers pay fees, fail to provide required wages or benefits, withhold essential documents, or in some cases commit fraud. If you are an H-2 worker subject to […]