About Our Legal Services for H-1B Workers

Are you an H-1B employee who has unpaid wages, or concerns relating to immigration status or changing employers?  This blog’s authors are attorneys who can help with these matters and many other H-1B issues.

H-1B Employee Rights Attorney Michael Brown and Immigration Attorney Vonda K. Vandaveer provide legal advice to H-1B workers from any state or country.  We assist with matters involving unpaid wages and financial loss, benching, H-1B employer misconduct and/or immigration status issues.  We also represent H-1B workers in litigation and class actions.

Legal Fees on Contingency or Other Affordable Basis

Our H-1B clients are provided affordable fee arrangements.

Many of our unpaid wage cases are handled on contingency basis where our H-1B clients do not pay out-of-pocket legal fees.  Contingency fees are recovered as a percentage of money the H-1B employer pays if the case is won or settled.

Some H-1B workers do not want to take legal action against an employer, but want important questions answered. For example, some workers want to know how to handle visa- status problems caused by a difficult H-1B employer. Some need help with issues involved with moving to a new H-1B employer or with travel, etc.  For such matters, the attorneys provide detailed consultations where we give helpful answers and advice.  We provide consultations for such matters for a very affordable fee.

Contact Us for a Free and Confidential Evaluation

We are happy to evaluate your initial inquiry and information at no charge.  After our initial evaluation, we would tell you if we could assist you, and if so, we would offer an arrangement (e.g. contingency representation, etc.) for you to consider.  Workers have no fee or obligation for this initial evaluation process.

To contact us, please submit a contact form below, or you can contact attorney Vonda Vandaveer at (202) 340-1215 or vonda@vkvlaw.com.

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