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Promised a Percentage-Based Wage Higher Than the Prevailing Wage? Get Documentation

Has your H-1B employer promised you a wage that is based on a percentage of project work? If so, read on, as this article discusses some common issues and important considerations for H-1B workers offered percentage-based pay. The attorney-authors encounter many H-1B workers whose H-1B sponsor employers promised them percentage-based wages for work projects, such […]

My Employer Made Me Pay For My H-1B Application and/or Deductions from My Paycheck. Can They Do That?

Image by el swifterino via Flickr Were you forced to pay for your H-1B application fees? Did your employer order you to travel to another city for work and make you pay for your own hotel? Did your employer make you pay for your plane trip to the United States from your home? Can your employer do […]