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Successful DOL Decision for H-1B Worker/Surgeon With Complaint Against Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

An H-1B worker represented by the attorney-authors was awarded $223,884.27 in unpaid wages, in the decision and order below, by the Office of Administrative Law Judges (OALJ) of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). Our client is a surgeon who formerly worked as an H-1B employee for the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (SIU […]

Mediation: How a Lawyer Can Help

Many employees with legal complaints attend mediation at the Dept. of Labor or another agency on their own, without a lawyer.  This article describes ways a lawyer could help in mediation, and reasons to consider getting one. As a lawyer, I obviously have a bias toward telling employees to get a lawyer. But note that arguments for […]

Determining Severance Leverage: Five Questions You’d Need Answered (But Couldn’t Answer Yourself)

If you have been presented with a severance agreement, you may have leverage to negotiate a better agreement and higher payment.  However, most workers who have such potential leverage do not capitalize from it. Why not?  The reasons are many. Most workers simply fail to recognize their best potential legal rights, claims and leverage. Workers lack the expertise needed to diagnose legal […]

Age Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Google

A sixty-four year old worker represented by the law firm Kotchen & Low and the attorney-authors of this blog, Michael Brown of DVG Law Partner and Vonda Vandaveer of VK Vandaveer PLLC, has filed a federal class action lawsuit against Google, Inc. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a proposed class of workers age […]

Dangers of Bad Message-Board Advice to “Go File a Legal Complaint With ______”

Internet message boards about legal issues can be helpful for (1) general educational information; (2) looking for attorneys who seem to know what they’re talking about, so you can contact one; and (3) familiarizing yourself with issues that you could raise with an attorney when discussing potential legal rights. But message boards are usually terrible places to get ADVICE to ACT upon. […]

Severance Negotiations? Consider the Value of an Attorney’s Letterhead

Have you been presented with a severance offer? If so, you may be planning to try to negotiate a better severance. And you may be wondering if you should mention, as leverage, potential legal rights.  After all, perhaps you found some strong potential legal claims via Google searches, via reviewing government websites, etc. The question: […]

Work for Wal-Mart and Have to Buy Clothes Per Their New Policy?

My law firm represents workers in employment and wage lawsuits across the U.S. and is investigating Wal-mart’s new dress code policy.  Are you a Wal-mart worker — or do you know one– who has bought clothes due to Wal-mart’s new dress code policy? If so, and you are interested in speaking with a lawyer, please […]

It May Be Easy to File a Complaint, But Not a GOOD Complaint

Often, workers file their own employment law complaints such as for wage or discrimination issues because the complaints seem easy to prepare.  For example, you may have seen a complaint form on a government website, and it may look simple.  So why not complete the form and submit it?  It’s easy, right? Know this.  Filing […]

Third Amended Complaint Filed in Our H-1B Underpaid-Worker Class Action Against Access Therapies, RN Staff Inc. d/b/a Rehability Care

Recently, a third amended complaint was filed in a class action case in which the attorney-authors represent H-1B workers.  The class action complaint is asserted against against Access Therapies, Inc., RN Staff Inc. d/b/a Rehability Care, and associated representatives of the companies.  The H-1B workers allege claims involving forced labor, unpaid wages, and breach of […]

Considering Legal Action? Don’t Let Worries About Travel Stop You

When people are telling the attorney-authors about legal concerns, some say they are worried if they take legal action against an employer, especially one who is in a different location from them, they will have to travel too much to fight for their case. In reality rarely does a party have to travel to pursue their […]