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My H-1B Employer Makes Illegal Demands On the Phone or In Person, Never In Writing- Can I Record Them?

Image via Wikipedia Does your H-1B employer make illegal demands (e.g. demand that you pay them $3,000, or else they’ll fire you and cancel your visa), and make such illegal demands over the phone or in person, as opposed to in email/writing? When H-1B employers make fraudulent requests, they often make the requests over the […]

H-1B Employers Among Newest Target of IRS Looking for Wage Abuse

H-1B employers who engage in financial shenanigans with their employees’ wages have more potential problems than just DOL or USCIS investigations. They are now under heightened scrutiny by the IRS. The Large and Mid-Size Business Division of the IRS recently announced it is prioritizing audits of tax withholding agents related to payment of wages to […]

My H-1B Employer Is Asking Me to Take a Vacation… Last Year

Given the poor shape of the U.S. economy, fraudulent H-1B employers are likely to adopt new tricks, or to increase the use of old ones, with benched H-1B workers. If you have been benched, your employer may approach you and ask you to sign a document that falsely states that you took voluntary leave (e.g. […]

Employees Among Those Charged in Recent H-1B and Green Card Fraud Bust

While the recent H-1B and green card fraud bust has been applauded for focusing attention on abusive and exploitative H-1B employers and “bodyshops,” short shrift has been given to the fact that several H-1B employees were also indicted for their alleged participation in the scheme. Of the 11 people arrested last week, eight were employees. […]