Welcome to the H-1B Legal Rights blog.The blog is authored by H-1B Rights Attorney Michael Brown of the law firm DVG Law Partner LLC, and Immigration Attorney Vonda K. Vandaveer of the law firm V.K. Vandaveer, P.L.L.C.

The blog provides information to H-1B Employees about their legal rights, including:

Wage Rights (to be paid the Prevailing Wage, and not have wages improperly deducted).

Benefits Rights (to be provided the same health insurance and other benefits as the U.S. citizens that your employer employs).

Work Rights (your right to be provided with work and not being “benched;” also, that you be provided the job title and responsibilities promised in your LCA).

Rights to Pursue Settlement (your legal rights and options to seek a settlement with the underpaying employer without having to file any legal complaint).

Rights to Pursue Legal Complaints (your rights to pursue legal complaints against an underpaying employer, regardless whether it is your current or former employer, and regardless whether you are currently inside or outside the U.S.).

Rights Against Retaliation (your rights not to have your employer fire you, attempt to deport you, etc., because you complained or sought to be paid and to receive fair treatment).

Transfer Rights (your rights when transferring from your H-1B sponsor employer to a new H-1B sponsor employer).

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