Recently, a third amended complaint was filed in a class action case in which the attorney-authors represent H-1B workers.  The class action complaint is asserted against against Access Therapies, Inc., RN Staff Inc. d/b/a Rehability Care, and associated representatives of the companies.  The H-1B workers allege claims involving forced labor, unpaid wages, and breach of contract.  The case is pending in the Southern District of Indiana federal court.

The attorney-authors of this blog, Michael Brown and Vonda Vandaveer, are among the attorneys representing the H-1B worker who filed the lawsuit, along with attorney Daniel Kotchen and Kotchen & Low LLP.

Please contact attorney Michael Brown at 920-757-2488 if you have any information or questions about the case.

Scroll below if you’d like to review the Third Amended Complaint, which details the case allegations about H-1B workers being underpaid and mistreated:

3rd Amended Complaint Access Therapies