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It’s Your Status; Take Care of It

If you are an H-1B worker and have been reading our blog regularly, by now you probably know that your employer must pay you a required wage even if benched, you must do the work when available for which you were hired, and you cannot move from one location to the next without the employer […]

Don’t Sit on the Fence If An Attorney Discusses Options– Take Action, or Don’t

The attorney-authors of this blog commonly get inquiries from workers who are underpaid or mistreated by H-1B-sponsor employers, and who are initially uncertain whether they want to take action against the employers.  We certainly understand this indecision.  Further, we think it is a very good thing that mistreated workers talk to an attorney about what […]

21 H-1B Employees Awarded Back Wages for Unpaid Company Training

The Department of Labor (DOL) reaffirmed that an H-1B employer must pay its employees the full, required wage when in training. DOL ordered SVK Systems Inc. in Montgomery, AL to pay $257,635 in back wages to 21 H-1B employees hired for tech jobs across the United States, according to a recent press release. DOL investigators […]

Beat the Cap: Alternatives to the H-1B Visa

The run on H-1Bs using up the allotment for new visas for this year has left many scrambling for an alternative authorization to live and work in the United States until more H-1Bs become available again next year. In this article, we discuss alternatives to the H-1B visa for those who cannot apply for an […]

End Clients With Blind Eyes?

The attorney-authors have represented many H-1B workers, some of whom have done project work for some of the biggest companies in the U.S.  Some things that seem remarkable to us: (1) the epidemic of H-1B workers across the country who are underpaid or not paid during benched time and are not paid, underpaid or have delayed payment, […]