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Do You Need a Local Attorney for Your Unpaid H-1B Wage Matter?

First, a disclaimer: as attorneys, we are pleased to get inquiries from H-B workers/potential clients whether they are local to our geographical areas or not.  So it’s fair you take our self-interest into account as you read this article. This article discusses the fact that benched H-1B workers often do not retain an attorney to help […]

An Ounce of Prevention…Clues Your New H-1B Employer May Not Play By the Rules

Starting a new employer relationship can be risky. You never know if the employer’s representatives are good people who will follow the rules and treat you right, or if they are just talking a good game and are actually out to exploit you and your immigration status. There is no fool proof way to predict […]

Threatened By Your Underpaying H-1B Employer? Turn the Tables

As attorneys who help benched and underpaid H-1B workers, we routinely encounter H-B workers whose employers had made threats against the workers to try to silence them and prevent them from asserting their rights.  What threatened H-1B workers often don’t know is that in many situations they have powerful legal rights and leverage to turn […]

The Truth Will Not Set You Free

Many employees engaged in employment disputes believe that the truth will set them free.  That once the employer, or the legal system, finds out the employee is factually correct or “in the right,” then everything will work out in the employee’s favor. This view, while understandable, is flat wrong.  More often than not, the truth […]