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Why PG County Schools’ Wage Violations May Throw Its H-1B Teachers Out of the US

In the wake of Maryland’s Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) settlement agreement involving H-1B wage violations, questions have been raised about the unfair effect this is having on the victims, the teachers who will be forced to leave their jobs and the United States once their H-1B time runs out. As part of the […]

MD County’s Public Schools Barred from H-1B program and Fined for Wage Violations

In a settlement agreement signed this month in connection with H-1B wage violations, Maryland’s Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) system must reimburse more than 1000 teachers $4.2 million in H-1B application fees and pay a $100,000 fine. The Department of Labor and USCIS have also barred the school system from filing applications for work visas […]

The Danger of Labels in Employment Disputes

Image by queercatkitten via Flickr If you’re an employee in an employment dispute or legal dispute, you will be tempted– very tempted– to describe events in terms of adjectives or conclusions, i.e. labels. For example, a worker may want to tell a boss or a legal authority “I was treated unfairly” (the operative label being […]