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Link to Article By Richard J. Mouw: Conviction and Civility in American Public Discourse

Richard Mouw’s article describes, very well, what is arguably problem #1 in America: negative communication. Without positive communication, no problem can be effectively discussed or addressed. An excerpt: When my book on the subject, Uncommon Decency: Christian Civility in an Uncivil World, appeared in 1992, I was interviewed frequently by journalists on the subject of […]

Got Text or Voice Messages From Your Harasser(s) or Employer? Save Them to a Secure Place ASAP.

If you have received text and/or voice messages from someone who has mistreated you– for example, a harassing text message, or a voice message about your job being terminated, from your boss– you should save those messages to a secure place ASAP.  Those messages may serve as legal evidence later, so you want to be […]