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Interesting Article About Need for Introspection and “the Problem of the Ego”

This is a very interesting article by Ramnath Subramanian: The Bhagavad Gita and the Problem of the Ego. The post discusses the great need for everyone (ALL of us!) to be introspective, and be open to our own flaws and our egos. And that our egos (often subconsciously) block us from truth and progress. But […]

Employment at Will, and Three General Exceptions

This post describes the doctrine of “employment at will,” and exceptions to the doctrine.  (Please note this post does not provide legal advice, and that different locations/States and their laws vary in how employment-at-will is interpreted). Meaning of Employment at Will Employment at will, as described in Wisconsin law, means an employer may fire an […]

Have You Thought About Investments (With or Without an Attorney) Required for Your Potential Legal Matter?

If you are an individual thinking about pursuing a legal matter– and you are like most people– you probably haven’t given thorough thought to the investments required for that type of legal matter. Investments are not just money, but also time and emotion. Sometimes, people proceed without an attorney, and are surprised to learn later […]