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Is Your Employer Benching You and Offering Fake Paystubs? Don’t Take Them! There Are Other (Lawful) Options

We see the same cycle with some H-1B employers: (1) they bench an H-1B worker without pay; (2) the worker understandably wants to transfer to a new employer who pays him; and (3) the benching employer offers the worker fake paystubs, to “help” the worker transfer. If YOU find yourself in this situation, do NOT […]

Save the Internet: Take Action

Save the Internet: Take Action Posted via email from Mike Brown’s posterous

ABA Journal Re: Work No More than 40 Hours a Week

For the last 100 years, every productivity study in every industry has come to the same conclusion: After about 40 hours in a week, the quality of your work starts to degrade,” she writes. “You make mistakes. That’s why working 60 hours may not save you time or money: You’ll spend too much of that […]

Pinoy teachers in US file class suit vs recruiters |

MANILA, Philippines — A group of Filipino teachers employed in the United States has filed a class suit against their foreign and local recruiters for alleged extortion, wire fraud and human trafficking.           According to Partido ng Manggagawa (PM), hundreds of Filipino migrant teachers who are working under H1-B visa and employed in different school districts […]