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Off-Site Work Off Limits to H-1Bs? New Guidance Explains H-1B Job Criteria

Image by john_a_ward via Flickr If you are an H-1B worker in search of new work, especially in the IT sector, you must scrutinize the relationship with your prospective H-1B employer to make sure the proposed employment relationship is acceptable under USCIS criteria.If you don’t compare the proposed employment conditions with USCIS requirements, you risk […]

H-2 Employee Rights: H-2B Temporary Workers

Image by Julie70 via Flickr Today’s article will discuss the H-2B visa worker, common problems (including unpaid wages) H-2B workers face, and legal rights for those workers. The H-2B visa is for short-term or seasonal workers in non-agricultural positions, such as landscape, cleaning, construction, hotel, and restaurant workers. Some H-2B employers unlawfully seek fees from […]

Benched A Long Time? Still Stay In Regular Contact With H-1B Employer

Image by iBrow via Flickr If you are an H-1B worker who has been benched for months and months, despite your best efforts to find a project, you may find yourself  communicating less and less with your H-1B employer.  Maybe you’ve even stopped contact altogether. Please know you should not reduce communications with your H-1B […]

H-2 Employee Rights: H-2A Agricultural Workers

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr H-2 workers, like H-1Bs, are far too often subject to an employer’s exploitation. An H-2 employer may unlawfully make H-2 workers pay fees, fail to provide required wages or benefits, withhold essential documents, or in some cases commit fraud. If you are an H-2 worker subject to […]