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We recently learned of this blog,, which has a lot of great information for Indian IT workers.   The blog covers diverse issues, ranging from immigration and visa issues, to entertainment.

My H-1B Employer Makes Illegal Demands On the Phone or In Person, Never In Writing- Can I Record Them?

Image via Wikipedia Does your H-1B employer make illegal demands (e.g. demand that you pay them $3,000, or else they’ll fire you and cancel your visa), and make such illegal demands over the phone or in person, as opposed to in email/writing? When H-1B employers make fraudulent requests, they often make the requests over the […]

Hunting Down H-1B Fraud: First-Hand Account of a USCIS Worksite Inspection

As part of its stepped up effort to target employers who violate immigration laws, USCIS is conducting more worksite inspections, including those of H-1B employers. As part of their investigation, the inspector interviews both the employer and the H-1B employee. A member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association has written an account of one of […]