In an effort to combat human trafficking and abusive employment practices, the U.S. government has published a helpful pamphlet on employee rights for foreign workers.

The pamphlet explains the rights of all foreign workers employed in the United States, addressing such topics as work site conditions, deceptive employer practices, women’s rights in the work place, and who to call if you are mistreated.

For example, the pamphlet describes lies commonly told by U.S. employers to foreign workers as a means of intimidating and controlling them. The following is a sample of these lies:

  • False promises about working conditions, living conditions, or pay;
  • Telling you that you have no rights;
  • Telling you that you will not be believed if you try to seek help; and
  • Instructing you to lie about their identity.

The pamphlet is available on the U.S. Department of State website here.

Here are some blog posts with information about the deceptive practices of H-1B employers in particular, and your legal rights and options as an H-1B employee:

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