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Handy Government Guide to Employee Rights; Download and Keep It With You

In an effort to combat human trafficking and abusive employment practices, the U.S. government has published a helpful pamphlet on employee rights for foreign workers. The pamphlet explains the rights of all foreign workers employed in the United States, addressing such topics as work site conditions, deceptive employer practices, women’s rights in the work place, […]

H-1B Employers Among Newest Target of IRS Looking for Wage Abuse

H-1B employers who engage in financial shenanigans with their employees’ wages have more potential problems than just DOL or USCIS investigations. They are now under heightened scrutiny by the IRS. The Large and Mid-Size Business Division of the IRS recently announced it is prioritizing audits of tax withholding agents related to payment of wages to […]

My H-1B Employer Is Asking Me to Take a Vacation… Last Year

Given the poor shape of the U.S. economy, fraudulent H-1B employers are likely to adopt new tricks, or to increase the use of old ones, with benched H-1B workers. If you have been benched, your employer may approach you and ask you to sign a document that falsely states that you took voluntary leave (e.g. […]

DHS To Target Companies; H-1B Employers in the Sight Lines?

H-1B employees may benefit from the U.S. immigration service’s announcement it is stepping up efforts to target employers who are violating the immigration laws. Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Janet Napolitano reaffirmed her commitment last week to shift DHS’s focus to prosecuting employers hiring undocumented workers, rather than concentrating on employees.  […]

Accepting New H-1B Clients; Hold Terminated; Attorneys Available for Phone Consultation

Attorneys Michael Brown and Vonda K. Vandaveer are pleased to announce they have lifted their temporary hold on calls and are once again available for phone consultations with H-1B workers about their issues relating to underpaid wages and/or benching. If you wish to schedule a free phone consultation about your matter, please call Attorney Vonda […]